Prices for commission artwork are determined on a case-by-case basis. A 50% deposit is required up front on all commission projects, with 25% due at the half way point and the remaining 25% upon completion. A rush can be offered on certain projects for an additional fee. Most of the artwork purchased or commissioned through KLP Fine Art can be shipped and installed throughout the US.

Estimates for murals are determined after a meeting in person at the site where the piece is to be installed. Photographs and measurements of the area will be taken and details such as color and style will be discussed at this time to create a look that will fit well within its environment. After the initial meeting, a sketch will be created of the mural for a $150 nonrefundable fee and shown to the client for approval. After the layout is approved, a contract will be drawn up, the deposit is collected and work can begin on the mural. Murals requiring large amounts of detail and time are typically painted on specially prepared canvas in Kathryn's studio and later adhered to the wall like wallpaper. This is often ideal for clients because it keeps foot traffic and the mess of supplies out of the client's home or business for a prolonged period of time. Smaller projects with less detail are typically painted directly on the wall. Because the amount of work and cost of materials vary considerably from one project to another, pricing is given specifically for each project. Contact us today to discuss pricing options for your mural.

Portraits are typically created with oil on panel, pastel on paper, or graphite on Bristol board. Portrait pricing is determined by medium, detail, and size. Portraits are typically 8"x10" or larger, and quality of detail increases the larger the piece. Oil paintings typically start at $800 and drawings start at $150. Photographs can be emailed to kathryn@klpfineart.com for a more specific price quote. Please keep in mind that the quality of the reference photo has a great impact on the finished product.

Many of Kathryn's personal works are available for sale as well. Giclee prints of most fine art paintings are available for purchase starting at $100. Contact us for pricing and availability of all original fine art paintings. Kathryn is available for illustration work. KLP Fine Art and Kathryn Petroff reserve all rights to reproduction of artworks including but not limited to print and internet advertisements and portfolio work. Please contact us with detailed information to get a more specific proposal of pricing and completion time for your project.

KLP Fine Art DOES charge sales tax on ALL commission projects and purchases where applicable by law. NO EXCEPTIONS.