Kathryn Petroff

Kathryn Petroff is a full time muralist and portrait artist working on commission projects for clients' homes and businesses as well as selling and exhibiting her personal works. Born in Dallas, she was influenced by the arts at a young age by her father and oldest sister who both have Fine Arts degrees. After receiving her BFA from the University of North Texas, KLP Fine Art was established.

In the spring of 2008, Kathryn was commissioned to paint a portrait for the University of North Texas to honor the retirement of Maestro Anshel Brusilow. It now hangs on permanent display in the lobby of the UNT Murchison Performing Arts Center. That year, Kathryn was also elected President of the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco and assisted in the reorganization and updating of the Guild. After a lifetime of visiting the mountains of Colorado, Kathryn relocated with her family to Bailey, CO in 2009. She currently works with clients internationally, exhibits personal works, and teaches private drawing and painting lessons. Valkarie Gallery in Denver, CO exhibits her works year round through both Resident Artist and solo showings. Kathryn has recently been named an Ambassador for the very popular online community for outdoor adventurers, Hike Like A Woman. Click on the link under her bio pic to follow her as she writes about the hiking experiences that inform her art works.

Artist Statement

Rural solitude is a life that happened upon me years ago. It was not a part of my plan, however, I have embraced it fully as a path meant not for many, but meant for me. Living outside of a small mountain town in CO, I am surrounded by the trees and quiet spaces that have now taken over my paintings. Visitors often see the woods where I live during a lively weekend in the Summer. I explore them on a still Winter morning or just after dark. My mind weaves stories of others who might live here and the beauty in their faces that tell of similar journeys to mine.

Degrees of realism are used to create a quiet narrative within my work. However hushed and still they may be, the paintings carry a heavy weight on the viewer, enticing them to fill in their own personal story with each piece. The collector, the traveler, the dreamer, all of whom show a strength in the isolated lives they have chosen. Subtle texture is used to echo the worn and weathered settings for many of my paintings, and bas relief sculpting brings others to life. There is a beauty in the history that can be told by the landscape around me and the people within it. I am happy with whatever experience my paintings may create as viewers step into my backcountry daydreams.